Another sidelace design, another completed welt

Elrod Shoes English Welted Sidelace

^Freshly welted, welted freshly

Elrod English Welt Beveled Waist

The welt is trimmed to the rough shape of the sole. I have always wanted to make a balmoral sidelace….

Elrod Shoes Insole English Welt Beveled Waist

And another sole prepped for the my favorite garden variety English welt with beveled waist. The upper for this shoe is special because I have worked for many months with a client refining a design… next post you will see.


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2 Responses to Another sidelace design, another completed welt

  1. What makes it “Balmoral” side lacing? The sweet curviness of the facings?

    • reidelrod says:

      A Balmoral Oxford is a upper design where the vamp is the same piece that goes along the quarters and heel. The facings are of separate pieces. It is a sidelace just because the facings are asymmetrical.

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