Wholecut Cap-toe Oxford




Wholecut with cap-toe in black calf from Haas. This is the first time this client will ever have had an oxford where the laces are closed, due to abnormally large instep and a bone spur. Just one of the many advantages of bespoke footwear.

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Suede Alligator and Patent Crocodile

Recently finished pair of a slip-on style:


Brown patent crocodile leather with natural edge finish, soles sewn 16 spi.


I didn’t get a chance to shoot finished photos of the suede alligator pair, but have some making shots:


Lasted, before plastic covers.


Natural bottom finish with fiddle back.


Natural edge and welt, soles sewn 10 spi.


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Alligator Oxford 16spi

Black alligator Oxford on pointed toe last with navy blue fiddleback waist, rubber protective soling, and metal toe taps. Sole is sewn at 16 stitches per inch.

Reid Elrod Alligator Oxford 023

Reid Elrod Bespoke Bottom Finish Fiddleback

Reid Elrod Alligator Oxford 013

Reid Elrod Handsewn 16 stiches per inch bespoke shoemaking

Reid Elrod Handmade Shoemaking Bespoke Welting

Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoemaker Heel building

Heel lifts attached with Hirschkleber paste and pegs. The shaping is done with a knife, hammer, rasp, and sandpaper to finish.

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Bespoke Orders: Beatle Zip Boot & Balmoral Semi Brogue

Reid Elrod Bespoke Beatle Zip Boot 012

Reid Elrod Bespoke Beatle Zip Boot 007

This boot took four fittings, but the final result was a glove like fit. Upper leather is black calf from Haas and English veg tan calf lining.

Patina Bespoke Balmoral Oxford 006

Patina Bespoke Balmoral Oxford 004

Balmoral Semi Brogue with patina effect on Spanish calf upper and English calf lining. The soft chisel toe and swan neck facing details help keep a classic feel.

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Oxford Order and Another Sample Shoe

Round toe “lazy man” oxford

reid elrod bespoke shoemaking portland oregon lazy man oxford english welt

reid elrod bespoke shoemaking portland oregon lazy man oxford

reid elrod welted shoemaking

reid elrod bespoke shoes english welting

My favorite lasting pliers for the shank area, sometimes referred to as “crab pincers”

reid elrod bespoke shoemaking lasting pincers

Art Deco inspired Ghillie sample shoe

Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoes Art Deco Ghillie

Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoemaking Art Deco Ghillie


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Sample Oxford; One for the Archives

Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoemaking Heel Stitch Hand Sewn

Sole Stitching Handsewn Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoemaking

Reid Elrod Bespoke Shoes Oxford Patina

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Bespoke Wool Prince Albert Slipper

reid elrod bespoke slipper brace stitch

Bracing stitch.

reid elrod bespoke slipper stitch

Stitching the outsole to the upper and insole, the slipper stitch.

reid elrod bespoke beveled pegged waist iron

Beveled waist ironing.

Bespoke Wool Slipper Reid Elrod

The pegged beveled waist on a slipper is unconventional, but beautiful.

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