Norwegian Stitch with Beveled Waist

This week I have been working on a shoe that is a less common construction method: the Norwegian stitch. I haven’t had the chance to cut my chops at hand-sewing a Norwegian and was pretty excited to give it a go. There are a few details I would change but overall I am pretty happy with the results, but a main detail I am particularly excited about is the beveled waist I incorporated into the design. It wasn’t an easy task to make the welt and folded out upper a seamless transition…Image

Here is a close up:


The sole edge has yet to be trimmed out and the heel will be built after.

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3 Responses to Norwegian Stitch with Beveled Waist

  1. Peter Mikulecky says:


    I know this is an old post, but I am still dying to ask a question. When you refer to the challenge of making a seamless transition, are you describing what must occur as the Norwegian stitch stops at the waist? At that point, if you are transitioning to English welt stitching or to pegged construction, it seems to me that you must also switch from turning the upper out to turning the upper in. Do you accomplish that by means of a fold or by means of an artful cut at the transition point?



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