Everything needs a beginning

… and here is mine.  I feel there will be plenty of time to “chew the fat” (as they say) so I will just post my latest work to leave the workshop! This first shoe is a wholecut oxford made in a black embossed calf leather. I love when the simplicity of a design makes room for more radical elements.

croc wholecut

With red soles to match the shoe trees! Very narrow/beveled fiddleback waist. I was happy that the customer was pleased with the final result… My heart always skips a beat when they slip their foot in and take those first steps. It can be a fine line between good or ill fit.

croc wholecut 2

Next up is a classic full brogue wingtip design. The leather is a beautiful “campari” brown (according to my polish color chart) french box calf leather. Unfortunately there is a slight fit issue with the heel and I am currently correcting it, but I might have to remake the shoe.

kate wingtip

Sole stitching by hand. Takes time but the results are more than worth it.

sole stitch 2 sole stitch 3sole stitch 4  sole stitch marked

Well that’s a start. Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Everything needs a beginning

  1. Anthony says:

    I know my Bass boots are in good hands!

    Was good to meet you today, really like what you are making.

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